Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to sew adjustable Martingale Collar

Martingale collars are useful for training a dog, because they give the dog a gentle correction. Adjustable Martingale collars are useful for owners who can extend a puppy by the collar as the dog grows.

Tools & Supplies

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The tools and supplies needed for this project are quite simple. You need about 1 "webbing, a pair of scissors, a tape measure, a D-ring, three sliders and sewingMachine. If you can not find the scroll bar, D-rings good

STEP 1 - sewing on the first cursor

First you go to the main part of the collar to do. For a medium-sized collar, cut 20-inch piece of weaving. Bend the strap through a ring of the valve and sew two seams with the top and bottom of the sewing machine.

STEP 2 - Make the Loop 1

Cut a circle of 12 inches and the length of the wire on the remaining controller. To add the D-ring, the overlapWeaving ends together for about two inches and pin them.

STEP 3 - Making the Loop - Part 2

Sew up and down two seams, one on either side of the D-ring.

STEP 4 - Mass of the collar together

Under the ends of the main strap of the collar, which thread through a loop controller, taking care to ensure that the D-ring on the outside first. Now the straps through the door of the collar. Finally put the collarWeaving through the cursor to the last cycle.

STEP 5 - Finishing the Collar

Set-top and sew two seams down to last until the end of the finish neck and you're ready, your new collar for your dog!

How to sew adjustable Martingale Collar